Tips for How to Travel With Your Pet

By on July 12, 2014

Taking your pet animal along with your family for a vacation can be a fun one, yet, one must take proper care on their pets as they can act and feel different while traveling for long hours. The following are some of the tips that can help you to take your pet for a family vacation.

Health and Safety

Make a health check for your pet before taking them for a long trip. A health certificate is required to take your pet through airplanes. Update the vaccination for your pet so that they can never harm anyone during the travel time. Make your pet a healthy one by providing regular food and water to them. Make sure to take any medication for your pet as he might need them while going out for a long ride.

Tips for How to Travel With Your Pet

Traveling by Car

Let your pet get used to a car ride before taking them for a long ride. Start with a short ride and let them get used to it before going out with your family for a vacation. Avoid your pet from getting a car sickness by taking them for a ride only when they have an empty stomach. Keep them hydrated by making them drink plenty of water every few minutes of time. Stop frequently to make your pet do some stretch exercises and they can never get sick of riding in your car. Never allow your pet to slide out through the windows as they can easily get an eye injury. Make them sit in a place that gets good air circulation around them.

Traveling by Plane

Make sure to carry the health certificate and the proof for the vaccinations that are provided to your pet. Your pet must be kept in a crate while traveling by plane and it is a must for everyone.

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