Travel Packing Tips

By on December 9, 2014

When travelling to any destination it is important that you carry the items that are necessary. Proper packing ensures that you will have all the conveniences that you need in one easily accessible location. There are a few tips that can assist you in making the best decisions when packing. If you follow these tips carefully you should fulfill all your packing needs.

Pack only the essentials

The most important rule of travel is that you pack as few items as possible while still having all the necessary conveniences. This can be achieved by buying travel sized items and by packing fewer pieces of clothing and shoes. This means that you will need to determine what you truly must carry and those items that you may possibly obtain when travelling abroad or within the country.

Containers for toiletries

You may purchase small travel sized containers for toiletries. For example you may buy small bottles that are no larger than 1-3 ounces and pour liquids in them like lotion, astringent, liquid soap, shampoo and conditioner among other things. This will save on space greatly and will allow you the benefit of having your favourite personal items in a few nifty containers. Ensure that they are sealed tightly so that they do not leak on the other items that are in your suitcase. To further guarantee that your articles of clothing and shoes will not be soiled, it is best to place these toiletries in an appropriately sized cosmetic bag or in a plastic bag.

Place all your valuables in separate bags

If you wear jewellery or will be taking other valuable items with you, you should place these items in different pieces of luggage or place them in different areas of the same suitcase. In doing this you will reduce the risk of losing all your valuable items should your luggage be tampered with by unscrupulous persons.

Travel Packing Tips

Ensure you have all your travel


You should always pack your travel documents in your carry-on or in your hand bag if female. It is also an excellent idea to make copies of these documents just in case you lose them. You can photocopy your documents leaving a set of copies at home and placing one set of copies in your main suitcase. Additionally you should scan these documents and save a file to your laptop or at home computer. Once this is done you can save this information in your email account so that you can access it in the event that your original travel documents are stolen.

Pack only the clothes that you will need

Pack only what you need. Decide on what type of activities you will be doing in relation to the time that you will spend at your destination when travelling. You may also bring clothing that can be mixed and matched to reduce the number of individual pieces that you will need.

Ensure you know the government restrictions before packing

There are some items that are prohibited when travelling. Visit websites that are available with a comprehensive list of these restrictions. You should also contact the airline for any bit of additional information.

Roll your clothes instead of folding them

It is suggested that rolling your clothes can cut down on the space used. Try this technique and see how well it turns out.

Place your shoes in plastic

It is best to place your shoes in plastic so that you will not inadvertently soil any other articles that are in your suitcase. Your shoes will attract dirt and other contaminants from contact made with the ground, therefore this is a much needed hygienic safeguard.

Pack clothes that are suited for the climate

When travelling to other countries climate changes will influence what you will need to pack. For example: if you are going to a warm climate do not take sweaters or other heavy pieces of clothing. Always ensure that you know what the climate is like at the destination of choice before travelling.

Make a list of things you will need to reduce any confusion

Making a list is an efficient way to ensure that you are packing exactly what you need. If you do not make a list that can be checked off once packing is complete, you may run the risk of accidentally omitting certain necessary items.

Do not over pack your carry on

As previously stated it is important for you to pack all your pieces of luggage lightly. However, this is even more essential when packing your carry-on. You may be required to walk for a fairly large distance in some major airports before arriving at your departure gate. Subsequently if your carry-on is weighty you will feel restricted while walking.

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