Travel Safety Tips

By on June 16, 2014

Traveling to any unfamiliar destination can make you turn nervous and get into any sort of problems like murder, robbery and much more. Some tourists would easily fall as a prey to the perpetrators. There are many things that one must look upon before and while traveling towards a destination. The following are some of the travel safety tips that one must follow to have a good traveling time with your family and friends.

  • Never list out your home address in any of your luggage bag. Make use of covered luggage tags and if you are on a business trip, put down your company address on the luggage tag
  • Always stay alongside your luggage. If you tend to keep the luggage down, then make sure to cover them with your foot.

travel safety tips

  • Hold a photocopy of your driver license, credit cards and for your passport. These photocopies can help you if you have lost your original ones.
  • Have a flashlight in your shirt or pant pocket. These flashlights can be used when you are in any unfamiliar surroundings with darkness surrounding yourself.
  • Before packing up your medicines, make sure to take the original prescription with them. This is because in certain countries they would not sell medicines for people who do not have a proper prescription.
  • Hold more than one credit card in your wallet so that you can make use of the other credit cards in case of emergency.
  • Women should never ever accept a drink from a complete stranger. Before having your drink at any other place, keep an eye on it.
  • Make a variation in your schedule. This type of variation can make people unaware about the time in which you would visit the hotel or motel.
  • Stay in hotels that have installed doors with cards to open them. These cards are highly secured and there is less chance to fake them.

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