Travelling to the UK: Three Top Tips for Those with Disabilities

By on December 22, 2015

When you have a disability, it can make life a little harder, and even those who are comfortable and at ease in their home environment can find that travelling poses a challenge. Without access to a specially adapted house, the right sort of transport, and all of the other features that make your everyday existence easier, it can require some forethought and planning to make sure that everything goes without a hitch, but this doesn’t mean that your dream holiday shouldn’t go ahead.

If you’re looking for a few tips to help ensure that everything goes to plan, then here are three to get you started…

#1: Book Your Accommodation in Advance

Most people who suffer from a debilitating condition have adaptations in their home to make life a little easier, but going on holiday means leaving this setup behind, so it can take some extra planning to make sure that it all goes without a hitch. Luckily, the UK is very disability friendly, and most hotels and hostels will cater to those with special requirements. Although older buildings are often less well equipped, phoning ahead and discussing your requirements should help to ensure that everything you need is to hand, and that your accommodation is properly suited to you.

Travelling to the UK


#2: Plan an Itinerary

It’s also a good idea to prearrange the places that you’d like to visit. The UK is heavily catered towards being inclusive, and this means that almost every popular tourist destination will be wheelchair accessible, and have procedures in place to help those with other ailments, such as hearing or sight problems, fully enjoy the experience. Although there are some exceptions, almost every potential destination will have a website that you can check out beforehand, and this should detail everything that you need to know with regards to disabilities, and how well equipped the venue is to deal with them.

#3: Plan Your Transport

Thirdly and finally, don’t forget to think about how you’ll get from one destination to another. All public transport in Britain is disability friendly, so it’s a good idea to check out nearby bus and train stops. There will also be a number of taxi companies that cater to your needs. Alternatively, if you’re travelling for a prolonged period of time and you want to save on fares, you might find that it’s most economical to invest in a specially adapted wheelchair accessible vehicle, which can then be sold on when your holiday is finished.

Start planning your getaway today to make sure that you can enjoy the perfect UK vacation.

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