Useful Tips for Mountain Trekking

By on December 12, 2014

Many people think that mountain trekking involves risk and they are not wrong. This adventure sport is risky. But if you take necessary precautions you can make this interesting tour safe and memorable. Follow the tips given below.

Tips for Mountain Trekking

  1. Get the right shoe. If you are uncomfortable with the shoe it will make your journey painful.
    2. Take a water proof ruck sack with padded shoulder straps, multiple pockets and zipper closure.
    3. Wool socks are ideal for trekking.
    4. Water bottle and dry food items should be always there with you.
    5. Necessary medicines and first-aid kit are must have items.
    6. Wear comfortable clothes. Carry woolen jackets or win cheaters. But remember you may have to get rid of them whenever needed.
    7. The ideal time for mountain trekking is autumn or spring.
    8. Check the weather before you start the journey.
    9. Take a route map along with you.
    10. Don’t offend the locals while you go through different bends of the mountains.

When you follow these tips there is little chance to have any unpleasant experience.

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