Four Places to Eat in London Before You Die

By on May 20, 2015

Those making it over to London in time for the summer will be privy to the annual Taste of London festival in Regents Park from June 15-21. According to BritishAirways, this year’s festival will feature food and fun with some of the world’s best chefs including Nuno Mendes, the Michelin-starred Portuguese chef of the famous Chiltern Firehouse. He will be joined by other top chefs from around the country showcasing a wide variety of cuisines and flavors. After whetting your appetite at the festival, you need to take it to the next level and indulge in the real thing.

If you take a trip to London, it only makes sense to save up and make sure you can do everything you want. What’s the fun in traveling if you’re having to do it with one hand behind your back? While these radical restaurants may raise your eyebrows at some of their menu prices, you’re getting a rare experience that you’ll never forget. Just pick one from the list, put on your finest garb, and hit the town for one of the greatest meals you’ll ever have in your life.

Chiltern Firehouse

Chiltern FirehouseIf you just left the Taste of London festival, you’ll have become familiar with Nuno Mendes and are probably interested in all the fuss about his restaurant, Chiltern Firehouse. It received a Michelin star for his adventurous takes on modern food and fine dining, and there’s really no telling what Mendes will have in store on any given night. The only sure thing is that it will blow your mind. Come see for yourself why everyone has been talking about what the Telegraph calls “London’s hottest celebrity hangout.”

Le Gavroche

Le Gavroche

So you’ve got the latest and greatest but let’s go back to the beginning, eh? Le Gavroche is the godfather of English fine-dining and was the first restaurant in the UK to be awarded the elusive three Michelin stars back in 1982. Ever since, London has been one of the top cities in the world for haute cuisine. The restaurant also served as the former stomping grounds for some of the world’s most storied chefs including Marco Pierre White, Marcus Wareing, and Gordon Ramsay. Michel Roux Jr. is in charge of Le Gavroche now and it’s still a world-class experience when it comes to modern French cooking.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

Scottish_lobster_and_english_chicken_farm_in_Gordon_Ramsay_restaurantYeah, yeah, it seems obvious and everyone and their cousin’s mother knows all about Gordon Ramsay and “Hell’s Kitchen” and all that good stuff. Well that’s nice—but you don’t even know the half of it. Ramsay, for all his bluster, is truly a renaissance man when it comes to food. His flagship restaurant, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, has three coveted Michelin stars and is widely considered one of the best in the world. If you manage to snag a table, do yourself a favour and spring for the seven-course “prestige menu” and then die happy.


Marcus Wareing
Marcus, formerly known as Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley, is the main restaurant of Marcus Wareing, as if the name didn’t already give it away. Wareing, like Ramsay before him, also spent time working at the illustrious Le Gavroche so you probably noticed a theme in these selections. Well it’s no coincidence, because everyone knows that game recognises game—Le Gavroche knew the best when it saw it. Wareing is so baller that Gordon Ramsay was the best man at his wedding and is the godfather to the man’s son. He’s also known as one of the most exciting and notable purveyors of modern European haute cuisine. Plus, his restaurant offers both omnivorous and vegetarian tasting menus, so everyone is sure to find something they love.

Now, please take a moment to wipe that small puddle of drool that’s been accumulating near your keyboard and start thinking about reservations.

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